Low Budget travelling in Maldives

Aim of this blog is to provide information for Travelers, to come to Maldives and travel around in Maldives.

It is true that Maldives is destination for Rich and Elite, but also it is true that Maldives can also be a destination for travelers to come and experience our way of life. However this is not very well in place in the Maldives, but gradually picking up it’s pace.

With the Introduction of Guest House policy last year, slowly travelers have been visiting and experiencing the local life. But still the prices are ranging from US$ 50-100 per day.
My aim is to bring it down to the very low budget and provide assistance to backpackers to visit Maldives and to make the necessary connection.

In April 2013 I’ve taken part in CouchSurfing Network allowing me to start with my dream and took the first step to making it a reality. Now I’ve hosted about 9 CS’ers at my place in the Capital city and helped a few of them in getting around Maldives in the cheapest available way. In the same process I’ve been able to establish good contacts and also I’ve been able to convince my friends in the Island to facilitate for travelers.

There are so many stuff to do in Maldives as a traveler. But most of it are connected with nature. As this country is surrounded by scattered Atolls activities in the sea are most attractive. Fishing is good all year round, Snorkeling is very good, There are many surf points, and the Islanders are very warm welcoming people.

I believe the more travelers can go to these Islands the more they will get used to such scenarios and they would understand your needs on a holiday. At the moment if you are to visit an Island, probably you would be the only foreigner on the Island. This is the case in Majority of the Islands.

From time to time, I will post Articles on Islands, Links to websites, Contact numbers so that Travelers can get the correct information. Also I will try to get some Articles from Travelers who I have hosted so you have a better picture of what you can expect here.

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