Maldives Trip


Name : Ido Micheal
Home town : Yavne’, Israel
Visited Maldives : July 2013

To travel the Maldives the best option for me was Couch Surfing. It’s hard and much more expensive without it, aside the fact you are meeting new people. Guesthouses ranges from 50-100$, while few home stays which are available provide accommodation for 20-25$ a day.

There’s also in some islands, hostels and people who rent their place if you want to find budget accommodation. The food is nice there basically they have a lot of local food which is of course the cheap one but I liked it more and think it’s more special. On the other hand you can find plenty of European and junk food which is a bit expensive, around 7-10$.

The resorts are a whole different level of expensive, and as a backpacker even a day over there is more than enough. They are extremely expensive and full with couples and honeymooners. I took a speed boat to one resort just to see what it’s all about and they took 60$ from me just to enter.

Maldives is a beautiful country; and it needs to experience more budget travelers.


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