Arts and crafts in the islands – Thulaadhoo, Baa Atoll

Nice Article about Maldivian Handicraft works. Baa Atoll Thulhaadhoo is an ideal place to visit. They have nearby Whale Shark point and Also Manta point. Also the Island is close to Protected UN Marine Biosphere in Maldives. At times of the year you would be able to spot Pilot Whales.

Backpack Maldives

laquerworks 2Traditional arts and crafts in the Maldives have evolved over the years and many islands have now forged their own successful cottage industries.

Most ancient Maldivian wood carvings are a wonder to behold. A Maldivian craftsman armed with a few rudimentary tools can carve smooth and finish master works in utmost dedication.

The Dhoni, a boat which provides transportation to islanders is one of the best examples of Maldivian carpentry. It is carved with intricate designs. Many mosques too have intricate wood carvings.

More recent times, however, have seen a concentration on smaller hand-made wood carvings such as vases, jewellery boxes and ornamental dhonis (traditional boats), which can easily be packaged as gifts for tourists.

While these may be smaller in size, these carvings, supplemented by lacquer designs have as much, if not more, artistic value.

Records show that the Chinese were the first to manufacture and trade lacquer, and…

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