So Beautiful! Small Islands Everywhere.

I came to the Maldives islands after three beautiful month in India. my purpose of this trip was to dive, and heard many good stories about the breath taking underwater life of the Maldives. So after I left India, knowing I’ll be back there again one day, on Sunday morning headed to Male airport.

First thing i did was to sit outside close to the water, smoke my cigarette and laugh. so beautiful!!! Small island everywhere, many ferries taking the tourists from place to place.. i was so exited! I slept in a nice apartment of a couple i met on CouchSurfing and the morning after I was on the “Sting Ray” boat towards the most heavenly week I ever had.


The boat crew was wonderful and generous. the food- oh my god! Buffet every meal!

The dives… well! I have no words to describe. Manta rays, Whale Sharks, many many Sharks! the beauty of this forest in this sea is incredible.


After this week I had to stay 3 more days until i’ll have my flight back home to Israel, and I had no money for a fancy hotel, and found Ashfam in CouchSurfing. So we met for a coffee and I could tell that this guy is a very interesting man. We get along great and he host me for 2 days. Lucky for me, in the first day Ashfam had a day off from work, so we travel in the city, eat good food and i enjoyed our fascinating conversions.

Happy for my decision to come to the Maldives, sad I had to go. I left the amazing islands and wished the best for all the beautiful people I met. Hope to visit again, and big thanks to Ashfam and the Safari Crew guys who made this trip unforgettable!!


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