World’s most beautiful beach glows like millions of stars at night

Flickr user hala065 brings us these otherworldly images of a beach in the Maldive islands that glows with millions of pinpoints of glowing blue. The light from these bioluminescent phytoplankton looks like a fantastic starry sky somewhere deep in the universe. It’s mesmerizing.

Here is the link


7 responses to “World’s most beautiful beach glows like millions of stars at night

  1. Hi Ahmed, What’s the easiest/cheapest way to get to Vaadhoo (from Male’) and stay there for a night?

    • If you are looking for the planktons, don’t need to be in vaadhoo, any island with big lagoon will be alright.
      To get to Vaadhoo the cheapest and easiest way is to catch the Island Ferry’s. However it takes 1 day to travel from Capital to Vaadhoo Island.

      • Hmmm. Let me come back to you on that. It also depends on the moon phase if I’m not wrong.
        2 days. I’ll get back to you. 🙂

  2. can you advise on how to get to Vaadhoo? Also any hotel on Vaadhoo as I keep looking for it but can’t find

    Much appreciate

    • Ann,

      So far I they don’t have Accomodation for tourists on Vaadhoo Island. However there are many Safari Vessels going to that part of the country.

      To get to Vaadhoo you will have to take
      a. Ferry boat (takes 1 full day)
      b. Take a flight to the atoll and then take atoll ferry to get to Vaadhoo.

      • Hi Ashfam,

        Thank you very much for your help. I tried to find information about ferry boat, but I couldn’t find Vaadhoo on this:

        Click to access provinceferryschedule.pdf

        If no place for visitors to stay in Vaadhoo, is there any place whereby I can see the planktons? I will be visiting Maldives from 20 July to 27 July.

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