Baa Atoll Thulhaadhoo

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The Islands of Baa Atoll are considered to have the richest natural Habitats in the Maldives . The vacant island named Olhagiri , just a 30 minute boat trip from Thulhaadhoo Island ( a distance of seven kilo metres ) is a Bird Conservation and home to thousands and thousands of different species of birds , some of them rare and protected by law . The island also has an extremely rich natural vegetation with some of the tallest and oldest trees in the country . The island also has a vast aquatic eco System where there are a large variety of colourful fish and other aquatic life. A popular dive site called Bodu Thila is also located near Olhagiri , where guests get to view a variety of sharks of all sizes and a wide range of very colorful other marine life , including colorful coral reefs. Bodu Thila is also a very good spot for reef fishery , and guests will get the opportunity to catch their own fish . Olhagiri is one of the two islands in the Maldives , which is the natural habitat for “Maa Hoara “ , the bird found in abundance in tuna fishery areas . Thousands of Maa Hoara have their nests in the natural foliage in the island . The birds come in for the night at dusk , and leave again before the sun rises . This movement of birds in huge flocks is a rare spectacle which would be a totally new experience in life

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The Island of Thulhaadoo is a famous fishery island , and guests will get an opportunity to go out on a fishing trip , if they so desire . If the visit falls on full moon days , a night fishing trip will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience , as the silver rays of the moon covers the whole surface of the ocean adding a magical touch to the whole experience .

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The Island of Thulhaadhoo is a leading island in the handi-craft industry and has many skilled craftsmen . Guests will have the opportunity to view a large collection of unique wood carved and other beautiful items which they can also purchase if they so desire .

If you would like to visit Thulhaadhoo we have a guest house where we can offer you great deals. Please contact us if you are interested.

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