Going backwards at Baa Atoll Fehendhoo


2014 - 1

Located in Goidhoo Atoll, Fehendhoo is one of it’s islands. A truly tranquil Island which will reset your internal clock. My experience there was amazing. I loved everybit of it. The people, the Island and it’s absolute serenity.

Fehendhoo Island is populated with close to 300 people. However at any given time there are less than 100 people living on the Island. Hardly I see anyone. Most of the time I felt as if I’m alone on the Island. The Island does not have any vehicles, and has just one dinghy which they use for the children to attend school on workdays. The Island just has one shop where there is only minimum requirements. Staple food on the Island is Rice, Flour, Tuna and Coconut. There are no cafe’s and restaurants. Also there are no AC rooms available. All in all this is an Island where time goes backwards a few years. There are very few Islands in Maldives where anyone can experience this.

DSC07064 DSC07063

If you are the type who likes silence, private beaches, and to do just nothing and enjoy the silence of nature. This is definitely the place. I spent the whole day on the beach and I just got disturbed by crabs and birds on the Island. No person at sight and no person to look for me as well. I spent my whole 6 days walking around the Island discovering small hidden beaches and being with the nature. I spent few hours everyday meditating. The ocean breeze, the sound of the waves, the artistic sky and the shades of blue just takes you away into a moments of bliss.
DSC07019 DSC07024
For sunset I always went to the east side sand bank. At times I was accompanied by small terns and crows curious of what I had in the bag. After the sunset I spend sometime watching the stars. So clear it is that you can see milky ways with your naked eyes.

I loved my time in Fehendhoo and I would definitely do it again.


From Capital city Male’ you can either take normal cargo boat or speedboat to the Island. The cargo boat is once a week and normally leaves to the Island on Tuesday evening and ferry charges are between MRF 150/- to 200/- (one way). Speedboat is available on Saturday, Monday and Thursday. Return on the same days. The charges for speedboat is MRF 380/- for locals and MRF 500/- for foreigners for one way.
On the Ferry it takes almost 8-9 hours to reach there. On the speedboat it takes just 2 hours. The boats will arrive to Goidhoo Island and then you’d have to take the dinghy to arrive to Fehendhoo which is just about 5-10 minute ride.


Remember to take a lot of mosquito lotion and mosquito coils. It will help you a lot during day time. Inland, the mosquito’s are a bit of nuisance during daytime. However as the sunsets they just disappear. A sleeping bag, A hammock will be a good idea if you are thinking of spending much time on the beach. Which you will, cause it’s the easiest way to get away from the mosquito’s. Plus it’s so beautiful that spending time on the beach will become your favorite activity.
Also it would be a good idea to take some food on your own, so that you can cook or ask them to cook for you. If you fancy anything other than rice or flour I suggest you take them as the supplies available on the island is to the minimum. Only shop, and items are very much limited.


There is not many places to stay in Fehendhoo, but our Agent, Ahmed Shabeer will be most delighted to provide you his hut for a reasonable rate. Also he has a very nice family with two young boys who will guide you around the Island, and Shabeer is a down to earth, very local guy who will help you in experiencing the Authentic Maldives.
Also he could arrange rooms from other houses closeby. Depends on vacancy of rooms at the houses.
I paid them MRF 300/- for the hut and, MRF 100/- for 3 meals. The hut can accommodate 2 people.

There are no cafe’s or restaurants so you have to eat from the house you are staying. They will serve you local meals 3 times a day for less than MRF 200/- a day.

DSC07086 IMG_20140830_154113


In the evening you could go fishing with the locals. They normally fish around the beach area, and they are blessed by nature for constant supply of fish. It’s fun and also it helps you to get to know the locals and get along with them. Once you do know the locals they are very welcoming, inviting you to their house for meals and snacks. Very friendly!
Do check out the sunrise and the sunset at the eastern tip of the island.
The stars at night are absolutely stunning. If you love to gaze at the stars, the stars are so visible that on clear nights you could see the milky ways.
I also helped out the community in cleaning the Island and offer to help if they are doing any work.
On Friday and Saturday, you could talk to the councilours and arrange the dhingy for you to visit the several sand banks at the western side of the lagoon.


All in all, I love Fehendhoo! It’s my kind of place! I absolutely adored the laid back lifestyle and such quietness. It gives me a good feeling.
I suggest this Island for anybody who wants to see Authentic Maldives, anyone who is into Yoga/Medidation, Artists, Musicians. They all will find an inspiration here.
But with all the facilities available on the Island I would rate Fehendhoo a 3/5. But my personal view on it is a 5/5.


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