Naifaru Juvenille

We strive to earn a good reputation for the island and atoll in order to create an environment that people can be proud of and want to be a part of. We want to make sure that the people of our community have ways and means to earn a substantial income so that they can live lives without poverty. This will be completed through community projects on various scales from supporting micro-business to funding larger construction projects to build the infrastructure needed to sustain a healthy economic growth for our community.

We are dedicated to conducting programs to prevent our island’s youth from getting involved in antisocial activities in the community by reducing the use of intoxicating substances and educating against crime and the destructive consequences of drug use. To engage our use in other activities we offer opportunities in sports and entertainment to the community as well as offering support to the local educational system.

We want to battle the destruction of our natural environment by educating our community about environmental issues especially in terms of waste disposal and recycling.

As part of our environmental orientation we offer programs which focus on marine conservation both in terms of protecting endangered species and rebuilding and maintaining our coral reefs to sustain the marine eco system. We work on engaging the public through participation in our programmes as well as conducting awareness campaigns and educational support in our local schools and community centres.


Naifaru Juvenile was formed as a reaction to the pressing needs of our community and we strive to see our vision come to be trough focusing on the following fields:

  1. Promotion of communal harmony and awareness in the community and encouraging our the people of our island to engage in community activities.
  2. To end youth unemployment through the facilitation and assistance in finding employment opportunities.
  3. Help the educational institutions of the island voluntarily in matters dealing with financial and development-oriented activities.
  4. To promote and develop sports and recreational activities within the community specifically among the youth.
  5. To educate our youth in the field of sports and create awareness among the community about the importance of sports in our daily life.
  6. Help in eradication of anti-social activities and crime, especially through awareness-building.

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